• Room Luce

    Love is a word of light, written by a hand of light, upon a page of light.

    This room is inspired by the sun, the heat of summer, the brightness of the sea water. Staying here means being pampered in a warm embrace made of light and emotion.

  • Room Brezza

    After all, all you need is a little breeze on your skin, a walk by the sea, a glass to finish and a season in the background that makes you smile. (Fabrizio Caramagna)

    This room is inspired by the scent of the summer breeze, the sound of the sea, the beach in the early morning.

  • Room Vento

    It was a breath, a mysterious gasp that seemed to come out of the earth itself. (Maria Grazia Deledda)

    This room is inspired by the wind, which animates this land and which with its warm breeze accompanies the days spent on the shore enjoying the waves. The wind brings with it the scents of this magical land: Sardinia.

  • Room Sabbia

    I just wonder how it is possible that we never danced together at night, barefoot on the sand. (Anonymous)

    This room is inspired by the sand that shines under the sun's rays. The very clear sand of the Rena Bianca, the exclusive beach of the town, which you are lucky enough to be able to reach simply by crossing the road to enjoy a swim in the clear waters of this sea.